Firefighters in Salisbury Try Creating New Department

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Firefighters in Salisbury Try Creating New Department

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The Fire Department in Salisbury, Maryland has three different stations.

Recently volunteer members of the department looked into creating a fourth fire station that would function as its own separate department. These members no longer wanted to report to Richard Hobbes, Salisbury Fire Chief. 


Mayor Jake Day spoke at a press conference on February 23, to cease rumors of a second department. "The only entity that has and will continue to provide fire service in the city of Salisbury is the Salisbury Fire Department." He assures that the current department will continue operating and that the public's safety is in good hands. 


While the number of fire stations remains the same, the response rate to fires is changing for the better. Major Day states that at one point the fire department, comprised of both paid and volunteer workers, had a response rate that was less than 50%. There is a now a plan being put in place to ensure that this rate is 100%, and Chief Hobbes gives us details. 


"We presented a plan to the city council that was unanimous to increase our career staffing," states Chief Hobbes. 


When asked what he thought upon discovering that some of the volunteers wanted to split from the current department and start their own, Hobbes states, "I was shocked that they would take that action." 


There are 10 Firefighters leaving the Salisbury Fire Department because they no longer wish to be part of it. Note that these individuals are separate from those wanting to start their own department.