Only one city could keep the Raiders from going to Las Vegas

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Only one city could keep the Raiders from going to Las Vegas

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Only one city could keep the Raiders from going to Las Vegas.


The Raiders will indeed be filing for permission to relocate to Las Vegas. And, currently, the belief is that the Raiders will get the 24 or more votes necessary to secure permission to move.


There’s one city that could change that. And it’s not Oakland.


As one league source with knowledge of the dynamics of the situation explained it to PFT, San Diego could potentially disrupt the momentum to Las Vegas, if San Diego can quickly put together the cash necessary to build a stadium.


That’s a gigantic if, however. San Diego had 15 years to figure out how to keep the Chargers and couldn’t. They’ll need to move with unrealistic speed to have any hope of getting the Raiders. With no chance of getting any public money that quickly, San Diego would need a huge influx of private cash to put a stadium plan together.


They’d also have to get the attention of Raiders owner Mark Davis, who seems to be very intent on moving to Las Vegas. But a serious, albeit unlikely, effort by San Diego to cobble something together could be the thing that begins to get the attention of owners who may be inclined to keep the NFL out of Las Vegas.