Recent Power Outages Frustrate Ocean Pines Residents

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Recent Power Outages Frustrate Ocean Pines Residents

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Recent Power Outages Frustrate Ocean Pines Residents.

Red light, green light ... No?

It was a case of stop and wait in Ocean Pines, Maryland.

That's because of an electrical system malfunction affecting almost 1,700 people.

"Yeah, and it happened last Wednesday too," said Lisa Flynn. She's a cashier at the Valero gas station in Ocean Pines.

"The store's pitch dark," said Kim Phillips, the assistant store manager.

They're frustrated because they can only take cash customers and because the gas station is losing money.

"Our lunch hour, where we lose a lot of money at," added Flynn. "Nobody can get gas, and that's upsetting them because a lot of them are out of gas, and they come here, and they can't go to 7-11 either because they're out of gas."

Flynn and Phillips prep food and clean in the dark, but that's all they can do.

"I'm trying to get gas, and I can't get gas because there's no power. And 7-11 has no power too so I have to go farther away from here, and if you're low on gas, it's kind of a struggle, but it's very inconvenient," said Amine Anoua, who drove in from Willards, Maryland.

Amine may need fuel, but he's more worried about what the lack of power means at home. "Well, actually, our houses need to stay warm," he said. "With no power, they aren't going to stay warm, and I have children. You know, it's dangerous. You know, you can get really sick from being cold too long, and little kids don't know, 'Oh, I'm cold, warm up.' You know, it's unnecessary. We shouldn't have these problems."

The outage is one of a few people say they've experienced recently, but officials with Choptank Electric say they're isolated instances, but they haven't figured out what's causing them.

Officials say during the dead of winter and the heat of summer the systems can get overworked.

Choptank Electric says power has been restored to most customers.