Bianca is a California native, who got an early start in radio, by landing an internship at her local radio station at age 14 and by her 16th birthday she was already rocking the airwaves every weekend. Now Bianca is the midday host for three stations (KKUU-92.7 in Palm Springs, CA and KSYN-92.5 in MO and WZEB-Power 101.7, Ocean City, MD) plus she’s added Music Director and now VO professional to her resume.

Bianca started on her VO journey, when she became to go to girl for commercial spots at her local station. The client’s gravitated towards her fresh up beat sound and she quickly became the most requested voice of the entire radio group. Then with the launch of a sister station, she had a chance to show what she could do when it comes to being the voice of a station.

This girl has what it takes and will give you the read you are looking for every time!

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