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In order to become best at your craft, not only is it imperative to be blessed with the talent, a certain amount of dedication is also what's important. Fortunately, for hip hop & club music impresario Dj Tameil, he's blessed with the best of both worlds. August 23, 1978 marks the birth of Deshawn Paynes, later to be known as Dj Tameil.

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Lonnie Legend is from Federalsburg MD born and raised.
Son of Lonnie Friend Sr and Sandra Beulah
Brother of DeMarius Friend and William Adams
He Attended Colonel Richardson High School where he excelled at sports like Basketball, Football, Baseball and Track.

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Power Squad Morning Show with Bill & Amber
Monday-Saturday 6-10am

Nessa On Air
Monday-Friday 10am-3pm

Kola In The Afternoon
Monday-Friday 3-7pm

Lonnie Legend
Monday-Thursday 7-10pm

Streetz Slow Lane with DJ Young Music
Sunday-Thursday 10pm-12am

Club 1017 w/DJ Jay Ski/DJ Rhis/DJ Dougie Doug
Friday 7pm-2am

Saturday Mix Tape with DJ Rated R
Saturday 10am-2pm

Saturday 2-6pm

Club 1017 w/DJ Jay Ski/DJ Bran/DJ Rhis
Saturday 6pm-2am

Sunday 8am-12pm

Sunday 12-6pm

Diggin' In Tha Crates w/Chubb Rock
Sunday 6-8pm

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