Tanning Salon Customers PEE in trashcans

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Tanning Salon Customers PEE in trashcans

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Believe it or not, it's something that happens in tanning salons across the country

and disgusts customer Britanny Smith.

"It's just gross. It's a trash can. Not for urination. No one needs to walk in and see that," Smith said.

Velvet Evans, owner of the Sun Dazed Tanning Salon in Milford, has a plan to out those people who relieve themselves in her salon's trash cans, instead of walking a few feet to use the women's restroom. Evans is thinking of putting up a wall of shame.

"We do go in the room before them, and we do go into the room after them. So we do know who does what in the room," Evans said. 

Evans said 99 percent of her clientele is  great, and for the most part feel like family. She thinks putting pictures of the offenders on the wall of shame might cut out what she says is nasty behavior.

"Maybe that is the way they were raised, or don't have any ethics," Evans said. "I'm not sure what causes people to do that."

Sun Dazed customers we talked to thought the proposed wall of shame might be a good idea.

"Years ago they used to put your bad checks all over the wall for people who wrote bad checks, so why not?" said Rhonda Ramsey.

Evans said she knows who is guilty of the so-called trashy behavior, and if it continues, the wall of shame will go up in the salon.

"I don't believe we'll ever have to put a picture up," she said. "I think this publicity has taken off enough that I don't think anyone will want to be on it."

At least she hopes so. 

Source: http://www.wboc.com/story/35194729/tanning-salon-threatens-wall-of-shame-for-some-customers