DART Operators and Maintenance Staff Display Driving and Safety Skills at Employee Bus “Roadeo”

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DART Operators and Maintenance Staff Display Driving and Safety Skills at Employee Bus “Roadeo”

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DART employees gathered on Sunday, September 30, 2018, to cheer on their fellow co-workers as they participated in a friendly competition of driving and safety skills at DART’s Bus “Roadeo”. The event was held at DART’s Mid-County Facility in New Castle.

The “Roadeo” presented DART’s Bus Operators with several tests of their driving ability and safety skills. The individuals were tested by maneuvering either a 25-foot or 40-foot bus on a tight course in a safe and timely manner. The skills tests consisted of backing maneuvers, serpentine turns, passenger stops and diminishing clearance. Individuals who completed the course while scoring the most points for skill and safety maneuvers, won. The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) established the parameters of the course for the 25-foot buses; the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) set the parameters for the 40-foot bus course. The Maintenance competition consisted of a vehicle inspection, diagnosing mechanical defects and a written test.

Contestants are awarded points for the written portion and the defects found. The three individuals with the highest overall scores are placed on the team. Delaware Transit Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, John Sisson, congratulated the winners and presented the awards. “Roadeo” winners of the 25-Foot Bus Category were: 1st Place – Linval Ebanks; 2nd Place – James Shotzberger; 3rd Place – Jamal Chaabi. Winners of the 40-Foot Bus Category were: 1st Place – Tom Pierce; 2nd Place – Russell Tart; and 3rd Place – Charlene Thompson. The Maintenance “Roadeo” winners were Andrew Gregorcyk, Nick Hanna and Garrett Rose.

Each “Roadeo” winner received an award plaque and three, two, or one personal day(s) off from work, depending on their category. The Fixed Route 1st Place Winner and the Maintenance Team will attend the National Roadeo in Louisville, Kentucky, May 17 – 21, 2019. The Paratransit 1st Place Winner will attend the National Roadeo in Palm Springs, California, in May 2019. Visit DART’s Facebook page to see the photos.

The Delaware Transit Corporation, a subsidiary of the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), operates DART First State. For more information, please visit www.DartFirstState.com or call 1-800-652-DART. Real-Time Bus Information and DART Pass, the new mobile fare payment option, are both available on the free DelDOT App (iOS and Android).