America Wants Donald Trump to Delete His Twitter Account

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America Wants Donald Trump to Delete His Twitter Account

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America Wants Donald Trump to Delete His Twitter Account.


"Delete your account" has become the ultimate Twitter burn.  When somebody Tweets something stupid, there's no better way to shut them down.  HILLARY CLINTON even got massive re-Tweets when she told DONALD TRUMP to do it.



Well, it turns out Hillary had her finger on the pulse of America, because a new poll shows that most of us want Donald to LITERALLY delete his account.



According to the poll from Quinnipiac University, 64% of voters think he should close his account.  And among the 18 to 34 crowd, it's 71%.



It was even close with Republicans.  Less than half of Republicans want him to keep on Tweeting . . . 49%.  But only 45% say he should stop.  Apparently, 6% don't care.