Parents want to use Medical Marijuana to Treat Autism

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Parents want to use Medical Marijuana to Treat Autism

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(SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.) - Parents on Delmarva are hoping to use medical marijuana to help their children's autism.

Medical marijuana is a legal form of treatment in other states, but right now in Delaware, it can only be used for adults who have autism with aggression. 

"I've just heard of people having such wonderful results from it. And I'm just so anxious to try it," says Dawn Wells from Millsboro. 

Dawn Wells' 15-year-old daughter, Kenedy Welch, has autism. 

Dawn says that autistic people who are non-verbal will go on medication and experience bad side effects. 

But, people who use medical marijuana are able to communicate. 

The THC component that causes hallucinations is removed from medical marijuana. 

"My thing is, what would it hurt?" Dawn says. 

Kenedy also has seizures. At one point she was having been 10-50 per day. Dawn wants medical marijuana to help. 

"So many people have seizures. And they try the medical marijuana and it's amazing. They stop with their seizures." 

Doni Rust from Lewes has two children that have been diagnosed with autism. Her son Lucas is seven, and her son Riley is five. 

"I also would like to have options," Doni tells WRDE. 

Tonight there is a public meeting with the Medical Marijuana Oversight Committee at the DHSS Chapel in Newark, to discuss using medical marijuana as a treatment for autistic children.