Slam Dunk To The Beach Brings In A lot Revenue To The Area

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Slam Dunk To The Beach Brings In A lot Revenue To The Area

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Slam Dunk To The Beach showcased some of the best talent in the nation.

This year the tournament brought in a record crowd of more than 30,000 fans over three days.

All those people plus the teams brought more shoppers to the area. 

The Delaware Sports Commission said the Slam Dunk To The Beach Tournament pumped in about one million dollars. 

The Tangier Outlets General Manager Amy Schnerr Norgate said this tournament is a good thing for the economy. 

"It is a great opportunity to drive Tourism sales and traffic even after Christmas and right before New Years and we love that," said Schnerr Norgate. 

Brent White Of North Face loved that the kids came in and looked at athletic wear and rain gear during the Slam Dunk To The Beach Event. 

"They would go to the heavy jackets and raincoats and it was a big popular item for the kids these days and they are looking at that type of product trying it on and again we made 
quite a few purchases out of that" said, White. 

Besides, the athletes making purchases at North Face, Schnerr Norgate said a lot of other stores did well too. 

"It was good to see the boy's in their stores and they mentioned they were a great bunch of kids and really nice guys," said Schnerr Norgate.