People Ease Back into Routine Post Snow Storm

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People Ease Back into Routine Post Snow Storm

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People are slowly getting back into their normal routines after a few days out of the office. 

A new work week started for some around the beaches Monday following last week's blizzard. 

A driver refilling his tires with air at the Wawa gas station on Dartmouth Drive said it was his first time out on the main roads after being in snowed-in for days in his housing development. 

"We're getting back to normal by getting in our vehicles, going to work and shopping for necessities," said Noel Sickler, a Bay Vista resident in Rehoboth Beach. 

Sickler said a lack of plows in his neighborhood immediately following the storm resulted in him missing multiple days of work and losing out on income. 

"We couldn't get to work. That was clear as that," Sickler said, "we couldn't get to work Saturday." 

A number of major roads have been cleared of snow well enough for free-flowing traffic, while other roads have yet to be fully plowed. 

Snow-packed streets like Second Street in downtown Lewes mean less parking for those visiting the area, a blow to potential business for one coffee shop;.; 

"We were closed for three days due to the snow," said Sarah Gerlick, a barista at the Lewes Bake Shoppe. "Parking, not being able to get down here, the drifts. We couldn't receive our milk delivery from Lewes Dairy this morning." 

But good news is on the horizon: warmer temperatures are on the way later this week.