MSP warns of phone scam

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MSP warns of phone scam

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Phone Scammers are getting smarter and now Maryland State Police are warning people of a new way they might be trying to trick you.

State police say a phone scammers have cloned their number so when they call it comes up as Maryland State Government. 

State police say anyone who a call like this\should call to hang up and then contact their local state police barrack. 

Spokesperson, Ron Snyder, says there's only been one victim so far. 

"What happened was we got a call from a woman in Baltimore County who saw a phone call come up on her caller id as a Maryland State government number. That extension that came up on her id was an extension for the Maryland State Police."

Snyder says this is the first report MSP has received of this type of scam. 

But this isn't the first time con artists have tried to use the state police name to scam people. 

Back in 2016, another scammer was calling people saying he was a state trooper and demanding money.