Two American Legion Posts Refuse to Watch NFL Games

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Two American Legion Posts Refuse to Watch NFL Games

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Two American Legion posts in Wicomico County will not be counting down to kick off Thursday night.

Post 64 in Salisbury and Post 237 in Hebron have refused to watch NFL games until players stand for the National Anthem. 

Post 64 Commander Mike Powers said the players need to respect the flag and the country for the freedoms it gave them. 

"Veterans are deep seeded in the fact that they fought for their country, and they respect the principles of freedom, religious and speech and all that. And they fought for this, the flag," Powers said. 

Donald Fisher is a member of Post 237 who supports the players protest for equality, but doesn't think that's the way they should express their opinions. 

"The only happy medium that I've seen so far and I'm still not real pleased with it, but hey, you know, is when the Cowboys went out before the national anthem and they all knelt. But afterwards they all stood for the national anthem," Fisher said. 

Others say players kneeling for the anthem has nothing to do with disrespect or the flag.  

"I don't see it as a way to protest the flag in particular, the national anthem in particular, they're protesting against the injustice they see in this country," Daniel Sauers said. 

Bard Ajdini is from Albania.  He said being a J1 student here is special because of the respect he has for America's freedoms.  Ajdini explained that not watching NFL games doesn't solve any of the greater issues. 

"By completely refusing to watch a sport is not going to fix the issue; what's going to fix the issue is understanding each other," Ajdini said. 

As fans wait to see if players will continue to kneel this weekend, there are two more places that won't be tuning in to watch.