El Galeon returns to Ocean City

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El Galeon returns to Ocean City

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El Galeon, also known as the Tall Ship, has made its return to Ocean City.

The ship is a replica of a vessel that sailed between the 16th and 18th centuries.

It stands at 170 feet long and weighs an impressive 495 tons.

El Galeon will make its voyage into the bay Friday at high tide.

Crews say there is little room for error when it comes to successfully passing through Ocean City’s Route 50 drawbridge.

Fernando Viota, Project Manager of El Galeon, said, “To come here to Ocean City was a little bit tricky because we had to wait for the high tide. Before the bridge, [the water] is only 11 feet [deep] and we are 10 and a half [feet deep]. We had to wait for high tide.”

You can witness the spectacle of the ship crossing under the Drawbridge Friday at around 11am.

There will be festival grounds for the ship located between 3rd and 4th street off Chicago Avenue in Ocean City.

The festival will consist of various vendors and delicious food.

The ship will remain in Ocean City for two weeks and will set sail once again on August 27th.

Source: http://www.wmdt.com/news/maryland/el-galeon-returns-to-ocean-city/602812049