Bill Cosby Got a Mistrial, but Prosecutors Will Try Him Again

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Bill Cosby Got a Mistrial, but Prosecutors Will Try Him Again

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The BILL COSBY judge declared a mistrial on Saturday, because the jury couldn't reach a verdict after 52 hours of deliberation.

But he added, quote, "I remind everyone that this is not vindication or victory."

Cosby is STILL charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, over a 2004 encounter with Andrea Constand

And prosecutors say they WILL retry him.  There's no word when, and Cosby is free on bail until then.

Bill didn't issue a statement, but his wife CAMILLE did, and she went OFF.  She called the district attorney "exploitively ambitious," the judge arrogant, Constand's attorneys unethical, and the media "blatantly vicious."

The statement came off like a victory lap, even though they technically haven't won yet.

One last note:  On Friday, the day before the mistrial, Bill Tweeted pictures and video of his supporters outside the courthouse.

Source: Wise Brother Media