Community Mourns the Loss of Brooke Mulford

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Community Mourns the Loss of Brooke Mulford

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A girl who captured the hearts of many people across Delmarva has lost her nearly lifelong battle with cancer.

Brooke Mulford died early Monday at her home in New Jersey. Brooke, 12, was born and raised in Salisbury, Maryland but moved to New Jersey to be closer to her doctors. Her mother posted the news on her Facebook page Monday.

And while Brooke may be gone, she will not be forgotten by anyone she met.

It was around Christmas of 2008 when 4-year-old Brooke first became sick.  It started on Christmas eve as a pain in her leg. Soon she couldn't straighten her legs and started running a fever. Doctors scrambled to figure out what was wrong with her. It was 10 days later at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia when the horrible news arrived: Brooke had a very aggressive form of cancer called neuroblastoma.

Treatment began immediately and for the next nine years Brooke would be in and out of the hospital. She underwent several rounds of chemotherapy, four surgeries, two stem cell transplants and clinical trials.

With her loving mom Amy always by her side, Brooke spent much of her young life in pain. But through it all, she never gave up, never lost hope and never stopped smiling. 

The Brooke Mulford Foundation was started to aimed at raising money and awareness for pediatric cancer on Delmarva. Brooke's story immediately captured the hearts and minds of people - not only across Delmarva - but wherever she went.

Brooke would throw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game a few years back, to a standing ovation. She has had visits from actors and athletes, and face timed with Olympic gold medalists.

Brooke's spirit and love of life resonated with everyone she met - and through all the pain - she was always grateful for all of her support.

Brooke was 12-years-old.