Model Who Claims To Be Pregnant By Drake Posts Text Conversations and Pregnancy Results To Instagram

Model Who Claims To Be Pregnant By Drake Posts Text Conversations and Pregnancy Results To Instagram

A Model named Layla Lace took to her Instagram page to put Drake on blast.

Lace claims she met Drake through a mutual associate (Dj. Spade). Apparently Drake saw her on Instagram and asked Dj.Spade to set them up. She is upset at Drake because she claims he stopped answering her calls after she told him she was pregnant. She also went on to post screenshots of she and Drakes text convo's and a picture of her pregnancy test. Check it all out below.

Layla posted the following screen shot's of she and Drakes (alleged) text messages to her Instagram page:

Lace, wrote this caption (under the Instagram Post above):

"So I guess still in this era this is the new thing that after you tell a dude you pregnant they stop answering they phone !!!! One lesson i have learned out of this whole situation is to never be so naive when a guy disrespect you !!! Like you dont even have to do nothing wrong to this man its really unbelievable how he will just feed you with lies and hurt you for NO reason.Once you forgive and accept it just know he @champagnepapi will continue to treat you like shit !!! i should of ran for the hills but no i felt for the "Good Guy" image that this ass hole portrayed to be.What a #Fraud I feel so stupid !!! I never told this man "No" I did everything he told me to do Smfh !!!! (((NEVER))) asked him for a dime !!! cause i got my own bread whatever he did for me he did it on his own !!! i had to remind my self that this man was once a "Actor" So why the hell did i fall for his bullshit !!! What make matters worse is that when you try to be private about shit and keep ya mouth shut nobody cares !!! its ashame that i even have to come out of my character !!! I hate that i gotta put my buisness out like this.But f*** it people now a days only respect when your messy and ratchet !!! Smfh !!! F*** YOU Drake !!! You and I know i was good to you !!! This is how you treat them dusty thirsty ass bitches that be on ya dick !!!! Not the female that wasnt even checking for you !!! Just respect me thats all i ask for !!! (((RESPECT))) THE BULLSHIT WAS UN CALLED FOR !!! Smfh But dont worry ima make sure i make a field day out of your f****** a** !!!"- Layla Lace (Instagram Caption)







Layla also posted the following pictures to prove her point:


Do you think she's really pregnant by Drake?