Drake Offered to Talk a Man Off of a Bridge

Drake Offered to Talk a Man Off of a Bridge

DRAKE is in England on tour, and over the weekend his tour bus got caught in some traffic that was caused by a man who was threatening to jump off of a bridge.


According to the "Manchester Evening News", Drake somehow found out about the situation, and offered to help the cops talk the man down if they thought it would help.  But apparently, they didn't . . . because they politely declined.



Eventually, the authorities WERE able to get the man safely down.  The report doesn't say why Drake thought he'd be able to talk this man down, or why he'd put himself in that position, but at least he was thinking in a more positive way than simply being annoyed by traffic. 



OR, maybe he WAS annoyed, and was only offering to help so the guy would get down and everyone could get a move on.