Will Kanye Be at the Inauguration?

Will Kanye Be at the Inauguration?

There's no way this is true, but how awesome would it be if it was?


"In Touch Weekly" claims that KANYE WEST offered to appear at DONALD TRUMP's inauguration to, quote, "perform something special" for him.



In confirmed inauguration news, TONY ORLANDO WILL be there, but a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN tribute band has backed out.




3.  On MLK Day, Trump met with MARTIN LUTHER KING THE THIRD.  He said it's important for the country to move forward.




4.  Donald says Americans don't want to see his tax returns.  74% disagree.




5.  Are scalpers having trouble unloading inauguration tickets?




6.  In 2014, Donald called Russia our greatest threat, and spoke in favor of economic sanctions.  Did something change between then and now?