Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Is Suing Him for "Murdering Her Soul"

Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Is Suing Him for "Murdering Her Soul"

Today, STEVE HARVEY is probably wishing his worst problem was people talking to him in the hallway.

Because his ex-wife is now suing him . . . for MURDERING HER SOUL.

This is Steve's second wife Mary Shackelford.  They got divorced in 2005, after nine years, and she's still struggling with the aftermath 12 years later.

She's suing Steve for $60 MILLION, claiming a long list of offenses, including child endangerment . . . torture . . . conspiracy against rights . . . intentional infliction of emotional distress . . . breach of contract . . . and "soul murder."  

The lawsuit states, quote, "Soul murder is achieved by a combination of torture, deprivation and brainwashing."

Steve and Mary's divorce was VERY nasty . . . and she's spoken out before, claiming that Steve had many mistresses during their marriage, including his current wife Marjorie. 

And six years ago, a judge reprimanded her for making false accusations about him.  Steve hasn't commented on any of this.

Source: Wise Brother Media