ELOG's 8th Annual Bright Minds with Bright Futures will be held on Saturday, August 26th at the Salvation army's Richard Hazel Youth Center in Salisbury, MD. We have the venue for the entire day and we a list of activities planned. More to follow on that later. In the meantime, please help us to share our gofundme campaign so we can raise the funds needed to host this event. #BMBF17

Why do we need $10,000
We will use your generous donations from this GoFundMe campaign to purchase bookbags and school supplies for kids in need in our community and the surrounding areas. This year our goal is to give away 2,500 bookbags for our 8th Annual Bright Minds with Bright Futures Bookbag Giveaway. Here is the breakdown of the expenses: Bookbags (2,500) $8000 and Supplies $2,000.

ELOG's annual Bright Minds with Bright Futures Bookbag Giveaway was created to assist disadvantaged families in the area by providing basic essentials (bookbags & school supplies) for kids heading back to school in September. Additionally, this event allows ELOG the opportunity to mentor to kids and promote the importance of obtaining an education, while also working to close the achievement gap that we noticed in our communities. ELOG believes children in the inner city do not have all the same resources as someone who lives in a suburb might have and this advantage is an achievement gap.

ELOG's growth through the years
Since we started back in 2010 we have blessed approximately 5,000 kids with bookbags. Below is our annual totals from the previous seven years.

Bright Minds with Bright Futures since 2010:
2016 - 2,200 bookbags
2015 - 1,200 bookbags
2014 - 780 bookbags
2013 - 400 bookbags
2012 - 188 bookbags
2011 - 80 bookbags
2010 - 49 bookbags

Teamwork makes the Dream Work
Thanks to the support we've received from UnderArmour, Eagle Creek, and several other companies we were able to donate over 2,200 bookbags filled with school supplies to underprivileged kids in DC. MD, and VA last year.

Luke 1:36, says "For with God nothing shall be impossible." We truly believe this scripture because each year God has made a way even when we didn't know how he would. Majority of our funding comes from caring people like you and until we receive financial backing from another entity we have to fundraise and use the GoFundMe platform to help us achieve our goals.

General Information
The Extraordinary League of Gentlemen, Inc. (ELOG), is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for underprivileged residents of D.C., Maryland, Virigina (DMV) and nearby areas through social advocacy and civic contributions.

Annually, ELOG hosts a variety of events that provide vital services to those facing hardships in their community, These events include their annual BMBF bookbag giveaway and Operation Belly-Full. Additionally, they provide a safe have for at-risk youth throught their Kidz R.O.C. student-athlete program.

Since 2010, ELOG has given away approximately 5,000 bookbags filled with school supplies, fed over 2,000 people, and clothed over 1,000 people resulting in ELOG winning 5 awards from the National, State, and local levels.

To promote positive change by giving back to our community.

To promote positive change by establishing a network of volunteers dedicated to serving and improving our community.

"Where ordinary men and women do the extraordinary!" and "Be Extraordinary!"

Don't watch us change the world, help us to change the world.

Will you help us to reach our goal by donating a few dollars?

Support our cause and #BeExtraordinary

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